The importance of Christmas cards


Who keeps cards for like a bazillion years??

Me, that's who.... This is going to sound really terrible but I actually treasure cards so much more than presents. Presents get used up and abused through the years and often, I forget who bought me what and when. That doesn't make me ungrateful, it makes me a busy human living a fast-paced life. One who, like most, spends a lot of time dealing with bigger issues than those of a purely materialistic nature. I like the presents that people buy for me of course, but they're not the things that matter most to me.

Cards however, they go in a special draw, and on occasion, I like to sit back and have a nostalgic moment. Much like that suitcase of old photos that every family has hiding under the bed - it lays dormant for a long time sure, but once opened it draws you in, all the memories come flooding back. Who can relate to that, it's the best feeling right?

I'm pretty sure we all love to keep cards because you know what? They actually mean so much more to us than gifts. They're so personal; the private jokes, the cute sentiment and the thoughtful wording - my nan especially is a sucker for a soppy card!

In this world of technology, I find that the hard copies; books, photographs, wedding stationery, birthday and Christmas cards, are more important than ever. To hold a memory in your hands is priceless, wouldn't you agree?

Saying that, I don't send Christmas cards en masse, because let's face it, I still want to protect our planet and there actually aren't 50 important people in my life - I'm sure this is also true for lots of people. In fact there are only a handful, and they deserve to be told how special they are, how much they mean and that they're appreciated. That's what a sending a card means to me.

What if you found the perfect card with the perfect wording and the perfect sentiment; the perfect keepsake for that special memory box?

We've all been there, trawling the shops for hours on end trying to find that perfect card for 'grandpops', for 'fabulous godmother', for your 'baby's first Christmas', for 'Sue & Sally', for 'Dave and Mike' for your 'husband/wife to-be'.

What if you could fully personalise a card to suit your loved ones? What if you could reference them by name on the front of the card and add a special note of your own to the inside too? Well, now you can....

We have a handful of personalisable Christmas cards right here in our Christmas shop and...

if you don't see the exact wording that you want - we can change it for you, at no additional cost!

Think of one person who you'd like to share a very special card with this Christmas and either place your order through our website or get in touch with your bespoke requests. I'm over the moon to be able to offer the bespoke wording service for free, because it's just so important to spread messages of love and kindness. This is especially true at Christmas when it can be particularly hard for some. When such a small gesture can make the biggest difference to somebody's day, or heck, even their entire festive outlook - let me ask you this...

Why would you not treat a special somebody to such a wonderful gift?