how to style an autumnal pumpkin wedding - 2 ways


British summers have often been known to let us down, and as such, we're collectively loving Autumn more and more with its reliable characteristics...fallen leaves, crisp morning air, cosy jumpers and the beloved seasonal treasure - the pumpkin!

We're seeing more weddings in the final quarter than ever before. October weddings are in demand, rather than being purely a second choice to summer weddings and let me assure you that November isn't far behind that.

Now, if you are planning an October wedding, you are sure to want to include some pumpkin decor somewhere along the lines - I mean, come on guys!! That's why I've gone to my trusty pal Pinterest to put together some beautiful pumpkin inspired mood boards for all of your pumpkin lovin' wedding styling needs.

There are two themes that are shining through; luxe white & autumnal orange...


Luxe White

You'll want to collect a selection of pumpkins in varying neutral colours and sizes which will work to create the main style component. Stick to pale, muted greens - sage is often a popular complimentary colour. Remember that this is the more contemporary look of the two, so use greys, golds and coppers to add warmth into the mix and keep it from feeling too cold. The addition of soft fabrics and textures is an absolute must to create that all-important flowing feeling, which will bring all other elements together to complete the look.

Autumnal Orange

This second theme has much more of an authentic autumnal feel, much more earthy and ethereal and you can definitely have fun adding in some complimentary colours such as deep burgundy and aubergine. To create this look, you'll want to collect pumpkins in any shape and size, the more interesting the better, this will add to the natural feel. Fruits, flowers and glassware will make a charming addition and of course, the use of candles is always encouraged! You can even incorporate some pumpkin within the menu for a truly cosy feel.

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Let me know which is your favourite in the comments and head on over to my Pinterest to see more like this.