A Shout Out To My NOTHS Friends


Just before Christmas I wrote a short post in a private Facebook group asking for some advice from fellow makers for gift ideas for my poorly mum.

Thankfully she's doing much better now and we have a weekend of fun activities planned next week for her birthday involving a board games evening with party food and a meal out at one of her favourite places to eat. But, just before Christmas, she underwent a massive does of Chemo in preparation for a bone marrow transplant that is due in a week or so, complications led to pneumonia and it was all pretty horrible.

Due to the nature of her cancer (Myeloma if you're wondering), she's been in quite a lot of pain for quite some time and was struggling to even get out of bed, or really do much of anything, which ruled out any of my usual gift ideas and I was in a bit of a tiz about what to get her for Christmas.

What I was hoping for when I wrote the post was a bit of advice or links to shops that sold something that might help my mum through her journey, and to make her a little more comfortable.

What I actually got was a flood of gifts sent to me in the post in the few weeks before Christmas. Beautiful gifts that beautiful people had sent to try to cheer up my mum. It was just truly amazing and made both my mum and I feel really loved.

I've already sent everybody a little thank you note and gift in the post over the past week, but I wanted to give a little extra shout out to these wonderful people who took a moment of their horrendously busy (in a good way), Christmas schedules, to cheer up a couple of strangers. Here goes...


Sparks Clothing


I received some beautiful slipper socks from Sparks Clothing, personalised with a beautiful message on the underneath, perfect for wearing around the house or during a hospital stay - a really thoughtful gift.

Sparks Clothing Logo.png
Sparks Clothing.png

Eve of St Agnes


I received a really beautiful rose scented candle from Eves of St Agnes, it reminded me of the smell of Turkish Delight (which mum loves by the way!!) - perfect for relaxation.

Eve of St Agnes Logo.png
Eve of St Agnes.png

Olivia Morgan


Olivia sent me a delicious scented candle too, packaged within a gift box and finished with a little bow - really lovely.

Olivia Morgan Logo.png
Oliva Morgan.png

Love Inc


Contrary to what the below graphics might lead you to believe, I actually received 2 'You are loved' candles from Love Inc, which smelt wonderful and were just absolutely top quality, I especially loved the wooden lids! Totally wanted to keep them for myself!

Love Inc Logo.png
Love Inc.png

Elm Tree Studio


Kirsty (who we discovered lives in the next town), really thoughtfully sent a lavender scented heat pad for my mum's aches and pains which was incredibly thoughtful.

Elm Tree Studio Logo.png
Elm Tree Studio.png

Williams Handmade


I actually attended one of Sarah's workshops last year (maybe the year before, who can keep track of the time these days?), and she kindly contacted me with the offer of sending some bits for my mum. In the end she actually ended up sending a glasses case for my mum and 2 keyrings which was THE KINDEST! Anyway, if you're over in the Hereford area, definitely go to one of her workshops where you can make your own friggin' handbag! Totally Amazing!

Williams Handmade Logo.png
Williams Handmade.png

Moaning Minnie


Being a curly haired lady (before she went for it and shaved the lot off), mum never really wore hats. I don't know if you know this but it's incredibly hard to find hats to fit over curly hair, so she was quite keen with her new smaller head size to try some out and Moaning Minnie kindly send her 2 styles to try, along with a matching scarf - thank you!

Moanin Minnie Logo.png
Moaning Minnie.png



As you can see, Matchimony specialise in bridal wear but were kind enough to personalise on of their silk dressing gowns for my mum to wear when she stays in hospital - such a thoughtful gift again!

Matchimony Logo.png



I've honestly never seen anything like these Pooter books before, but it was the funniest gift ever and had us howling on Christmas day. More lovely socks for my mum to wear during her hospital stays.

Pooter Logo.png

I just want to take another moment to let these fab businesses know how great they are. They did something really special for me and my mum and they really didn't need to - it was just the kindest thing ever and made my heart feel really full.

Finally, I'll leave you with a little pic of our Christmas day. It's not Insta-ready, it's not perfectly styled but it's the truth. Rob and I cooked the dinner that would normally have been made by mum, my sisters laid the table and we all pulled together to have a fab day. I hope yours was as great as ours was in the end. =)

Christmas Dinner.png