How to Style a Luxe Blush Pink Wedding


Blush, blush, blush. Unlike the tacky baby pink of yesteryear, there’s nothing more classy than a lush, soft pink wedding nowadays and I just don’t think I could love it ANY MORE!

What I really like about modern colour schemes is that it’s no longer the ‘in’ thing to have everything the exact same colour (flashback to my 2005 bedroom). Nope, now it’s all about depth, texture and multiple colours within the same tone.

Pair a blush pink with a rich burgundy and a soft peach for a really sumptuous feel. More notes on how to create this look below…

I feel like I say this in every ‘wedding themes’ blog I write, but textures are important for this theme. Soft, lightweight and airy fabrics will work best. Start collecting lovely fabrics, in varying colours of blush and pale peach throughout your wedding planning journey. You’ll want to look for textures in your dress, table cloths, back drops, bouquet ribbons, stationery and more. As always, I’d check that the fabrics that you buy are from a sustainable and organic source where possible, vintage is always a good idea too.

Another important element in creating a romantic blush wedding is flowers, a looser bouquet with varying flower lengths really suits the soft pink loo - try to choose a mixture of dainty and delicate flowers. Try to include as many flowers as your budget will allow, your wedding venue will look stunning adorned with delicate floral pieces as far as the eye can see.

Pampas grass is pretty much welcome in all 2019 weddings, I’m sure you’ll agree. Pair with candles to create luscious photo backdrops, table centres and installations at your reception.

Soft ribbons and wax seals are the perfect compliment to your wedding stationery for this look. Pinks card is hard to find in the UK Stationery industry, but I think we’ve come up with a lovely combination here to suit any blush wedding theme. Don’t forget that you can mix and match colours as much as you like with our collections - ask me for advice on colours if needed.

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