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This collection is whisking you off to the orange groves of California, not literally, but that would be nice! With it’s bright, rich and zesty citrus elements with a chic laid back boho charm, it could only be inspired by the West Coast's Golden State.




I implore you to order a sample of this zesty collection, feel the card and see the truly wonderful colours in person. I will dispatch any sample orders within 2-5 working days, and get this…delivery is absolutely free!




The Great British weather can be anything but ‘great’, this is something that my UK couples will know well - sometimes it’s hard not to get discouraged by the weather, sometimes we long for the sun to shine down and warm our pale faces and in a moment of envy for the hot Californian sun, this citrus orange wedding invitation design was born. I wanted to create something that would bring a warm, fun element to this hand painted stationery. I decided to go very minimal with the pale grey text to allow the colour and paper textures do all the talking - I truly love this collection.

I can swap the oranges for lemons or any other fruit that you’d love to use in your wedding invitations and the same goes for the rich green wax seal and kraft card - talk to me about adapting this design!


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