Real Wedding : Jayme & David


If you're looking for romantic wedding inspiration - look no further! This super elegant wedding in Hampshire is the epitome of romance.

Jayme and David have used soft peach and blue floral table centres, candles by the dozen and some really lovely personal touches to style their day. Also, how fun does the mini golf look?

I really think there's a lesson here too about wedding day weather. I mean, look how much atmosphere the cloudy sky creates in these photographs. With the sun shining through the clouds, onto the wedding party in such a beautiful way, and then clearing up in some photos to reveal a striking blue sky. I absolutely love it! And what a perfect excuse to use a stunning parasol like the one Jayme's holding as David and herself leave the church.

Take a look at the photos below and don't forget to leave a comment if you love them as much as I do...


Photographer: Guy Collier Photography
Caterer: Jacaranda
Venue: The Tithe Barn, Ditcham
Church: All Saints Church, East Meon
Florist: Heavenly Scent
Dress: Suzanne Neville, from The Dress, Teddington
Bridesmaid dresses: Hobbs
Band: Rollercoaster
Steel band: Steelasophical
Crazy golf: Crazygolf4u
Wedding bouquets and table plan flowers: my wonderful friend Joanne Fletcher.

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New Year, New Goals


Wow, didn't 2016 whizz by in a flash?

I'm so excited to be back in the studio this week, even if it is freezing and a little untidy! We received an absolute record amount of orders over the Christmas break and yesterday we headed to the Post Office with no less than 70 orders - I only went just before the new year with the first 20 & there's 10 more in today!

With such a fab start to the year, I thought I'd write a little list of goals below, both personal and professional, for the year ahead.

Pingle Pie 2017 Floral Collage, iPad & Apple Pencil


  • Creativity is something that we've rarely found the time for outside of work, but this year I'm determined to get at least some practice on my iPad every night and I have lots of lovely books to work my way through, which I'm already loving! Some of my biggest creative goals for the year are to improve my hand lettering and composition skills as well as really getting to grips with how colour works and to practice creating some beautiful colour palettes. I hope that by the end of this year, I will begin to see some significant improvement in all areas of my design work.
  • Rob's really excited about working on some screen printing this year, it's one of those things that he comes back to every year but we've never really had the time or space to get around to it. Now that we have the studio we certainly have the space to be able to experiment with this type of thing and so he's decided that this is the year to finally get stuck in. I'm really excited to see what he creates and I might even have a little try myself!


  • Christmas is a hard time to stay focussed on fitness and we've certainly slipped up more than a little on the clean eating front over the holidays. We got a new blender for Christmas and with the last of the Christmas chocs almost finished, we're excited to get back on track with smoothies, soups, fresh foods and Fitness Bender workouts. We're excited to add bouldering to the list of fun fitness activities this year, we climbed a couple of times before Christmas and really enjoyed it - my promise to myself is to try to not wuss out of the high moves!
  • Being a vegetarian is hard. We're recently converted, and whilst we're really good at the not eating meat part, I'm useless at checking ingredients/looking for the v! It really couldn't be much more obvious I know, but it's about getting into the habit of checking and then learning what you can and can't eat. This year, we will be better vegetarian!


  • Realistic work/life/sleep routines. We work A LOT, I sleep A LOT, and that normally means that we miss out on the 'life' part. To start with, I've bought myself a new daily journal which will arrived today and I plan to pencil in some little adventures asap.
  • Realising the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. For me, that might be painting my nails, wearing eyeliner or making time to read or be creative. Rob likes to play on the xbox, cook up something yummy (& healthy) for dinner setting some time aside to learn new creative skills.


  • We received a murder mystery evening experience with a 3 course meal for Chritsmas. Being the most awkward people, it'll be funny to see how we cope with this but I'm really looking forward to it. For my birthday we're going to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic playing all of the music live - we saw the Jurassic Park version last year which was so good. We'll definitely also try to fit in some camping and festivals in the summer and perhaps a long weekend in Scotland?


  • I've got SO MANY ideas in my head for Pingle Pie all of the time from new products to marketing etc. I spent most of 2016 feeling overwhelmed by them all and not really focussing on any of them. This week I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and make some solid plans about future products and marketing plans, I'm quite excited about getting my ideas down on paper and making some big decisions! Rob's got a little something up his sleeve too but I don't think I'm allowed to say anything just yet!!


  • There really is no place like home and we're finally at a point where we are ready to find a new one. We've been talking about moving for at least the past 4 years, at one point we were days away from buying a house when it fell through and we decided to go for it with the businesses instead. Every cloud really does have a silver lining! I feel as though everything is coming together and I truly cannot wait to upgrade and to put our own stamp on a place.

Real Wedding : Claire & Ziad


Next up in our new series of real wedding features is the amazing Spanish wedding of Claire & Ziad. These photos will surely blow your mind, the detail put into the styling of this wedding is immense. My absolute favourite part is the bar - does that say something about me or what? Also, could those bridesmaid dresses be more elegant? I just love it all!

What an absolutely beautiful couple, take a look at the photos below and don't forget to leave a comment if you love them too...

What was your favourite part of the day?
We thoroughly enjoyed our day. It really was filled with happiness and love. My favourite part was actually the only part I wasn’t looking forward to ... the first dance. Neither my husband or I are very good dancers. We decided on a song that means a lot to us and one you can ‘bop along too’ – Ho Hey by the Lumineers – we never got around to practising. Our Band, Cool Fire, gave a great live performance and we just went for it and had fun! I remember at the end my husband told me to turn around – that’s when I saw everyone I love all in one place and they all looked so happy. It was a magical moment that has stayed with me.

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?
My advice to any future bride is to plan in advance as much as possible it helps makes the experience enjoyable and less stressed. Also, try to delegate tasks on the day to your bridal party. The day really flies by. You won’t have the time to manage all the little details and knowing that people you trust are helping you with these things really helps.

Stationery : Pingle Pie
Photographer : Anna Gazda Photography 
Cake design : Marbella Cake Design
Band : Cool Fire

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Hygge Christmas - Shop The Look


You may or may not know that we're in the process of finding a new home for ourselves. We are currently living in a small cottage which is cosy and cute and was the absolute perfect house for us when we moved in 6 years ago, but over the years our tastes have changed and we've accumulated a lot of 'stuff', and we're so eager to find a blank canvas for ourselves. Somewhere to put our own personalities into - somewhere with our very own furniture instead of pink carpets and second-hand sofas covered with an innumerable amount of throws!!!!

Most importantly, I can't wait for the day when I can host Christmas in my own home. In the mean time, I thank God for Pinterest, where I can live my ideal life in picture format and can create and share beautiful mood boards with you all, my favourite of which is this beautiful Hygge Christmas Theme. Bring me my Scandi dream house already oh Powers That Be!

Here's the dream Christmas Board which has much more of a cosy, comfy feel than our everyday style...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Here's how to create said look using items found on he high street...

1 - Urban Outfitter £10.00
2 - Oliver Bonas £27-£32
3 - Next £16
4 - Next £22
5 - Oliver Bonas £18-£22
6 - Dot Com Gift Shop £3.95
7 - Marks & Spencer £69-£89
8 - Zara Home £49.99

For more like this, go to our Hygge Christmas Style mood board HERE!

I absolutely loved putting this little blog together, I can't wait to make more in the new year!! 


Pretty Pastels Wedding Theme


My favourite of our unique wedding stationery collections to work on is this pretty Midsummer design. Coupled with the fact that the design offers a personalised, hand drawn sketch of your wedding venue, and free colour customisation for all hand painted watercolour flowers, it's one of the most personalisable collections without the need for a bespoke service. Each invite is totally personalised to your day and that's what makes it so fun to design each and every time.

I'm still really loving the original colour scheme for 2017 weddings, so I've put together a little mood board below - it's pure pretty without being too 'themed', making it super easy to style. 

Think macaroons, balloons, and lots of lush pastel florals, dressing each bridesmaid in a different shade is a fun twist and if you're feeling courageous, you could even choose to wear a pastel bridal dress, or at least something with a teeny bit of colour in the detail! 

This theme definitely suits more of a blank canvas in terms of wedding venue, outdoor summer gardens, conservatories and marquees will really set this theme apart without interfering too much with the overall feel.

Photo credits (top left - bottom right), thanks for being so beautiful & inspiring once again!

1 - Style Me Pretty
2 - Wedding Chicks
3 - We Heart It
4 - Sprinkle Bakes
5 - Pingle Pie (Midsummer Collection)
6 - Cherry Blossom Girl
7 - Brides of Adelaide
8 - Bella Cupcakes
9 - Tyme Photography

For more like this, go to our Pastels Wedding Ideas Pinterest board HERE.


Gift Giving with Anthropologie


I found these beautiful trinkets in Anthropologie recently, I seriously need more trinket lovers on my Christmas list!! My favourites are 1 & 6 because they're just too cute but I must admit that I do love a good mug too, I had quite the collection when I was a child and these would make the perfect addition to my current collection!


Real Wedding : Amanda & James


I'm really excited to show you the first in our new series of real weddings and I'm pleased to say that the first couple to be featured are the lovely Amanda & James.

When Amanda first sent these photos through to me a couple of weeks ago, I was absolutely blown away. From the venue to the dress, rings and tablescapes, every little detail is perfection. To be a guest at this wedding must have been a very special treat that's for sure.

Take a look at the photos below and don't forget to leave a comment for Amanda & James if you love the style of their special day as much as I do!

Can you describe your wedding in one sentence?
A relaxed highland wedding, full of unexpected sunshine, close family and friends. 

What was your favourite part of the day?
Our favourite part was the moment during the service we were actually married, everything prior to that was a bit of a blur! We also loved the Ceilidh (particularly Auld Langs Syne at the end of the evening) & the whisky bar was great fun too!

Do you have any advice for future brides & grooms?
Surround yourself with helpful people in the days leading up to the wedding so as to prevent last minute panics. We were so lucky to have an excellent band of helpers who travelled up to Glenfinnan the week before the wedding. The day goes by so quickly, so be sure to take some time out as a couple on the day to take stock of the fact you just got married!!

Stationery : Pingle Pie
Photographers : Craig and Eva Sanders 
Florist : I Heart Flowers
Dress Designer : Alan Hannah
Dress Boutique :  Isabella Grace Bridal Boutique
Engagement Ring : The Friar House
Wedding Rings : G.Collins & Sons
Natural Confetti : Shropshire Petals

Our featured testimonials From Amanda & James: 
Invitations : Just got the invites, they're really very lovely! Thank you so much for sending them out so quickly and for your note! Can't wait to send them out in a couple of months!
On the Day Stationery : We had a wonderful day and the order of services were absolutely perfect, James and I and our guests thought they were really beautiful! The table plan and signs looked awesome, can't wait to get the professional photos back. I'll send you some through. Thank-you for all your hard work, the day wouldn't have looked the same without all of your beautiful artwork.

Please do get in touch if you'd love to be featured on our blog too, we really would love to have you. =)



Great Gatsby Wedding Theme


The Great Gatsby/twenties wedding theme has been the biggest we've seen this year by far, and judging by the amount of our Long Island invtiation samples that have been dispatched in the last couple of weeks, I think it's safe to say that this look will be sticking around for a while yet. It's really no wonder this elegant and classic look is so popular for weddings, it's just so super glamorous.

Great Gatsby Wedding Theme, Twenties Wedding Theme, 20s Theme, Wedding Style, Luxe Wedding, Luxury Wedding, Wedding Style, Styling Your Wedding, Pingle Pie

The key to this look is pure elegance.

There's really no excuse not to go all out with the dresses for this look. Both the bride and her maids are going to look stunning in luxurious flapper dresses, variations of which can be found on the high street at affordable prices. This isn't strictly a monochrome theme but colour must be used wisely, you don't want anything too bold, I personally think that golds, mints and pinks work best.

Try to keep shoes and hair as vintage as possible to really pull off this look. Ask your hairdresser and makeup artist about the best twenties up-dos and makeup looks and look out for intricate vintage details in shoes & other accessories such as beads, pearls or sparkles.

Feathers will make a really beautiful addition to your Gatsby styled day and can be easily sourced from places like Etsy, who have a wide variety of size, shape and colour. There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate flowers into the day, you could ask your florist to mix some into your bouquet to give a lovely soft touch and tall feather table centrepieces will stand out beautifully. If you would like to wear feathers within your outfit, there are lots of options for dresses or fascinators featuring feathers which will look absolutely stunning.

If you're going for the Gatsby theme and want to go all out to impress your guests, a champagne tower is a must - it certainly will make a big statement & will be a great talking point for the evening.

Wedding stationery is playing a very big role in the decor of lots of modern weddings, keeping your entire day running smoothly. Apart from the obvious function of inviting all of your guests and making sure that everybody has responded in good time, your stationery will also help guide your guests through the day without a hitch.

Photo credits to the following talented people (top left - bottom right), thanks for being so beautiful & inspiring! 

1  Pinterest (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)
2 Tumblr
3 Pinterest (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)
4 Pinterest (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)
5 Pingle Pie (Long Island Collection)
6 Style Me Pretty
7 Pinterest (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)
8 Dwell Beautiful
9 Redawned (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)

For more like this, go to our Twenties Vintage Wedding Ideas Pinterest board HERE.



My New Favourite Shop.


I only recently discovered Oliver Bonas, when I received some beautiful birthday gifts from Rob earlier in the year & we've both been addicted ever since. 

You may or may not know that we're planning a bit of a house move in the next year & I can just tell that Oliver Bonas will be our go to shop for home decor. Just look at all of the tropical themed, golden goodies below. Let me know which is your favourite - I personally love the Cactus Jewellery Stand!


Botanical Blush Wedding Theme


I've been making lots of mood boards to help you create the perfect look for your wedding day. This beautiful botanical theme with soft blush pinks was an obvious favourite of mine, for this reason, it's lucky enough to be among the first to be featured on our new & improved blog!

We'll be adding another blog each week so keep your eyes peeled for more wedding inspiration and other fun topics.

Botanical Blush Pink Wedding, Blush Pink and Rose Gold Wedding, Eucalyptus Wedding, Olive Leaf Wedding, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites, Wedding Stationery, Watercolour Wedding Stationery

The key to this look is keeping everything very soft and elegant wherever possible.

A less structured dress for the bride will compliment this look perfectly. For the bridesmaid dresses, try to keep the materials light and flowing in hues of pale blush pinks. A great complimentary colour to add into this mix is a fresh mint green if you fancy a little more contrast.

As a bride, if you're interested in adding something fun and colourful to your own wedding look, shoes have become a really popular way to achieve this. You can choose a subtle hint of colour or go all out with boots or converse, although for this particular look the subtlety is absolutely key. 

Flowers are a great way to add colour and decor to your day whilst preserving a subtle elegance. Keep to neutral colours like whites, creams and blush pinks and as many eucalyptus and olive leaves as possible. Eucalyptus leaves are a heaven send for weddings as they're a real effortless decor option. Not only do they make incredible bouquets but also look stunning as floral crowns, table runners and can be used to decorate table plans and even cakes, giving a wild and carefree vibe to your day.

NB. Always remember to ask your florist for details on cost and seasonal availability.

Other decor options you might think about to recreate this look are lots of candles, tinted blush pink glassware and some lovely dainty cutlery and tableware. For anything metallic, I'd advise sticking to a rose gold colour theme to best suit the soft feel.

Wedding stationery is playing a very big role in the decor of lots of modern weddings, but whilst looking incredibly stunning, it also plays a necessary role in keeping your entire day running smoothly. Apart from the obvious function of inviting all of your guests and making sure that everybody has responded in good time, your stationery will also help guide your guests through the day without a hitch. Order of Service are the perfect way to help everybody keep up with the ceremony itself, this can be especially handy if your service requires guests to take part. Order of the day will help guest to navigate when and where to be for specific 'not to miss' moments such as photos, speeches, cake cutting and the first dance. Table plans, place cards and table numbers will make sure that everybody is seated swiftly and correctly for the wedding breakfast, whilst a menu placed on each table will keep those hungry guests happy!

Photo credits to the following talented people (top left - bottom right), thanks for being so beautiful & inspiring! 

1  Loverly (Image found on Pinterest, original link sadly no longer available)
2 Wedding Sparrow
3 Alexandre Weddings
4 Peaches & Mint
5 Pingle Pie (Verona collection with pink hues)
6 Marie Claire Maison
7 Style Me Pretty
8 Style Me Pretty
9 Karina Manarin

For more like this, go to our Botanical Blush Pink Pinterest board HERE.